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"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Historical Figures + Bible Characters
In this 10ish Podcast "BEST OF" 2-Pack, we revisit two of our all-time most downloaded episodes about famous real and maybe-real people throughout history. First, it's the Top 10 Historical Figures, ranked by Wikipedia pageviews (Episode 63), followed immediately by the Top 10 Most Mentioned Characters in the Bible (Episode 77). Our next new episode, Episode 160, will drop in February 2022! - Summary of Episode 63: Most Viewed Wikipedia Pages: Historical Figures (Pre-Modern) King Tut. Socrates. Alexander the Great. Cleopatra. Who among the most important people in history can boast the most popular pages of all-time on Wikipedia? In this episode, Nick has a list of the Most Viewed Wikipedia Pages of All Time, among Pre-Modern Historical Figures born before 1400 AD. Brandon tries to guess the Top 10. PLUS...the first lines of each Wikipedia page, the accuracy of history, historic record-keeping thousands of years ago, the Bible, the legacy of these historical figures, which historical figures may have not ever even existed?, Wikipedia pageviews for modern living people vs. pre-modern people, how each of them died, prophets and their teachings, ancient wars, William Shakespeare, Jesus vs. Muhammad, film & literature based on historical figures, crucifying 6,000 men, flute-playing during death, elephants in battle, life in pre-modern times, last meals, and MUCH more. - Summary of Episode 77: The Bible: Most Mentioned Characters Noah. Adam & Eve. Goliath. What are the characters most-often referenced in the Bible? Brandon has the Top 10 Bible Characters, and Nick tries to channel his 7-year-old Sunday School Class to guess the list. PLUS...the Bible as a historical document, Old Testament God vs. New Testament God, holy sacrifices, worshipping golden calves, Jesus and his super powers, genocide and homicide and suicide, living to almost 200 years old, having as many children as possible, heroes who turned into villains, signs from God, Satan, Sunday School, which Bible story is the most famous?, ancient kingdoms, barren women, the technicolor dream-coat, adventures in the desert, circumcisions, beheadings, wrestling an angel, covering your arms in goat fur, and MUCH more. ---------------------------------------------- 10ISH POD+ (listen EARLY + AD-FREE): NEWSLETTER: REDDIT: ---------------------------------------------- Get exclusive bonus episodes, early and AD-FREE access to all main episodes, free merch and swag, and more as a 10ish Pod+ member. Get more info and easily sign up at ---------------------------------------------- TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: ---------------------------------------------- 10ish Podcast Theme Music: Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Ad Music (10ish Pod+): Carefree by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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